Friday, 25 July 2008

Two weeks notice high

As those of you who have, well, had any contact with me in the last few weeks know, I have a new job starting in August. This is lucky because I had thrown my heart and soul into getting said job, and I can no longer function productively in my old job because of the mind numbing boredom. It's true.

So enter comically high expectations, stage left. I can sit around fantasising about how wonderful and perfect life will be once this job starts on August 11th, and trust me, I do. I ponder the perfectness of its organizational approach and the urgency of its cause. I stare at my bank account and dream of what it will look like post-paycheck. I stare at the "goodge street" sign and think of the convenience of my new commute. I look at a map or at friends holiday photos and think of how I will soon be paid to jet off. I look at my new bosses business card and imagine my name emblazoned there in place of hers, with only a slightly less impressive job title.

So I'm setting myself up for disappointment. Breathe, Julia, Breathe...

1 comment:

Chup-Chup said...

i wish u get all what u want from your new job (at least the business card and the money).