Saturday, 10 January 2009


OK, well truth be told I have been to Paris before, circa age 7. This, however, was my first time as a grown up and it was lovely.
I got to Paris in possibly the world's most ghetto way - by bus. I thought I would be really clever and book the 9 hour ride at night, so could sleep on the bus and arrive nice and chipper at the other end. However, not only was the bus crowded and uncomfortable, but after sitting an additional 3 (!!) hours in traffic, they wake everyone up on the ferry because you cant stay in the bus. So the ride took 12 hours altogether, and I was anything but chipper.
Though the trip was a short one to see an aunt, I had a great time. Not only was it great to meet her for the first time as an adult, but I really appreciated the finer things about Paris - skipping the cathedrals and Louvre for the smaller museums, the lovely neighborhoods and the markets. The markets were one of my favorite parts - I'd love to be able to shop outside for fresh food every morning like she does. Tescos and Sainsbury's seem so dull since.
Though I have been studying French in London, I didn't use it at all this trip, though I used it a bit (mostly unsuccessfully) in Morocco. It was great motivation though, and I can't wait to try it out next trip!

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Cassi said...

Awesome, now if you ever come to New Zealand you won't feel bad about the bus between Auckland and Welly (12 hours)

(It would be closer to circa age 12 for you when you last went there... We sudied french before hand and saw the filming of Stuart Little 2 by mistake, meaning it was after 1999 and before 2002)